Root Canal Treatment

When is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?
There are two reasons why root canal treatment is necessary;
1, if the nerve and blood vessels in the middle of the tooth [the dental pulp] has become inflamed or is degenerating, and is painful.
2, if the dental pulp degenerates completely, the root canal is then empty and usually becomes infected, inevitably causing an abscess.

Why does a Dental Pulp become deceased?
Tooth decay, a crack, or a large restoration if it involves the dental pulp, may cause it to degenerate or become inflamed. Sometimes this can happen for no apparent reason, perhaps because of previous trauma.

How is a Root Canal Treatment Done?
Debris and tissue is removed from the canals where the pulp of the tooth is situated, the canals are measured, then shaped and cleaned. The canals are then sealed with a rubber like filling to prevent re-infection. Abscesses, in most cases will heal once the root canal treatment is completed.

Is the Tooth Dead After Root Canal Treatment?
No - the dental pulp is no longer present but the outside of the tooth where it is connected to the bone is alive.

Is a Root Treatment Always Successful?
No - sometimes the infection still remains. The tooth will continue to cause pain and an extraction may be indicated. As a general rule back teeth are more difficult to treat.

Will the Tooth be Weaker afterwards?
Maybe - and until we can protect the tooth properly you should be careful not to bite too hard. However, the procedure has a reasonably good success rate and while the tooth is always slightly compromised it should continue to give good service.