The fees below illustrate our most popular treatments.

    Private fee   "Denplan care"
New patient examination   £ 50.00   £ 53.00
Review examination   £ 22.70   No fee
Scale & Polish (per visit)   £ 45.00   No fee
Single surface filling   £ 70.00   No fee
Root Canal treatment. (per tooth)   £ 220.00   No fee
Tooth Whitening. (per "arch" of teeth)   £ 200.00   £ 200.00
Adhesive bridge replacing one tooth   £ 425.00   Lab fee only
Extracting one tooth   £ 70.00   No fee
Upper or lower plastic denture   £ 450.00   Lab fee only
Gold inlay   £ 450.00   Lab fee only
Crown   £ 450.00   Lab fee only
We reserve the right to alter them if special requirements exist.
We have intentionally set our "review examination" fee to match that of the NHS.

Patients often pay before treatment is carried out. This "deposit" is refundable should the patient change mind, but the refund would take into account work already completed.

If a patient prepays for a Private hygienist appointment then cancels over 24 hours before treatment a full refund is given. If the cancelation is given less than 24 hours we reserve the right to charge 50% of the normal fee.