Environmental Statement

We try to consider the environmental impact of our activities balanced against the need to do our job correctly.

We worry about.........

  • our need to minimise cross infection means we use various single use products.
  • the incineration of soiled dressings disposed of through a contract with SRCL
  • mercury in amalgam fillings, used as it is so durable yet with concerns.
  • the poor provision of public transport in North Dorset meaning we are dependent on cars.
  • our period building being built in a time before energy efficiency.
We are better because.........
  • we use a digital XRAY system whereby we don't create liquid waste of developer & fixer chemicals
  • we are trying to use email & text messages more, to reduce paper usage.
  • we use products that can be recycled where a choice exists.
  • we use low energy LED lights whenever we can.
  • In hot weather our building is cooled by fans as opposed to air-conditioning to minimize the power consumption.
  • we discuss green issues in our monthly staff meetings.
  • team members are encouraged to switch unused equipment off.
  • team members are encouraged to wear warm clothes in the winter to save over-heating the building.

If you can think of any aspect of our business that we can make more environmentally friendly do let us know.