For your treatment to be carried out as planned, your appliance (brace) must be worn exactly as instructed.
Unless we have said otherwise this appliance must be worn full time - that is all day and all night, and during meals.
It must be removed after meals for thorough cleaning of your teeth and the appliance.
To clean your appliance, use cold water and a toothbrush.
Remove and replace the appliance in your mouth with great care, the wires bend very easily.
When your appliance is in the mouth, sticky and hard sweets must not be eaten.
Fizzy drinks should be avoided.
Do not deliberately bite hard on to any part of the appliance.
During sports your appliance can be worn.
Remove it for boxing, rugby and other contact sports.
If the appliance is out of your mouth for any reason, it must not be put in your pocket unless it is put into a box first.
If any accident occurs to the appliance, try to continue to wear it and contact us as soon as possible.
If you are unable to wear it for any reason this must be put right as a matter of urgency.
Your teeth will tend to return to their original positions if the appliance is left out.